To contribute to the development of a perspective sensitive to gender equality in all fields at national and international level and to the structuring aimed at ensuring equality in laws; to produce policies to eliminate all kinds of physical and psychological violence against women; to develop strategies to take an active role in all fields at national level.

To develop social awareness against gender discrimination in cooperation with the relevant departments and units of the university and other stakeholder institutions; to produce projects related to the problems of women in every field at national and international level; to conduct researches, develop programs, contribute to the dissemination of positive results and the development of policies for women.


1. Ensuring the establishment of the "Department of Women Studies" affiliated with the Social Sciences Institute of Eskişehir Osmangazi University on women's studies, giving lectures and seminars on women's problems in every field, and conducting and supporting scientific studies.

2. Conducting scientific studies; creating and participating in projects; organizing courses, seminars, congresses and symposiums in all fields related to women's issues in Turkey and abroad in cooperation with the departments of the university.

3.To create a library and archive in order to follow developments and publications on women's studies, to collect environmental, historical, cultural and statistical data for the purpose.

4. To develop cooperation with national and international organizations working on women's research and to coordinate with the society.